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nobody can steal your peace





Yoga was never really interesting for me because in my opinion it was just boring and not demanding enough. My leisure activities always had to be sweaty: running, fitness training and mountain climbing (or as my family and friends called it in my case → mountain running).


From 2015 - 2016 I was in Australia for a year and the yoga and barre hype didn't stop at me: I signed up for various yoga classes and even swapped my daily running and training lessons for yoga lessons. I could hardly believe it myself that I, who can hardly sit still and always have to do something, was looking forward to going into silence to perceive my own body, to ground it and to focus on my breath.

The path of yoga taught me to get to know and love my body and myself better.


I always smiled at me when someone told me about meditations, body scans,

come to rest or talk about breathing exercises ... However, I could

experience it on my own body: I ​​had a better sleep,

I opened up to new things, I started to question a lot,

but tried new things at the same time. My headache was up

less and my "I have to tear the world apart right now" was only 110% ;-)

Meanwhile I can even get something out of chanting mantras -

months ago that was unimaginable for me ...


Personally, I was also not aware of what can be achieved with conscious breathing. There's a reason we try to calm ourselves or someone else down with sayings like “keep calm and take a deep breath”. I cannot say exactly when this change took place in me, but I know that the path of yoga was the trigger. Every time I left yoga I felt indescribably happy, blessed, and fulfilled. I felt free and relaxed, but at the same time strong and grounded . The path of yoga helped me be more relaxed and self-loving, and gave me greater confidence, driven away from the ideas of how society wants you. What started out as a sport has become quite present in my life.


Today I know that yoga is not just about stretching and breathing.

Yoga is neither pure philosophy nor religion nor pure sport.

That's the beauty of yoga. → Yoga is holistic and therefore

suitable for everyone: You don't have to be super flexible, sporty or spiritual.

For some, yoga is a sporty balance to the stressful everyday life,

He helps others with physical ailments

or it just provides a pleasant setting and time out for yourself.

Yoga opens your own path and touches you inside.



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